Dad, it’s not your job to feed the baby!

As a mother that didn’t give birth to our baby or breastfeed her I know only too well the desire to get involved in feeding. After all a newborn will feed many times each day, sometimes for quite long periods of time and for the non-breastfeeding partner it might feel like you don’t get to spend much time with your baby.

Pregnancy Yoga with Zoe

Pregnancy is a special time for both the expecting mother and her unborn infant.  Prenatal yoga is ideal for helping you to connect with your breath and your baby while accepting and embracing the constant changes that are happening to your body.
The benefits are huge but include…

Pregnancy Yoga – My favourite music

The most important thing is to find music that makes you happy – it can be anything you like. Dancing round the room when you’re in labour is a great thing… keeping you active and having fun. Just make sure to conserve some energy for later.